June 09, 2005

Spot the Murderer!

5/10 -- further evidence that I'm a shit judge of character, but I swear they all looked like programmers to me.

  • (Oh yeah, it's Flash.) (And SFW, unless descriptions of people being gruesomely tortured and killed would offend anybody's co-workers.) (By which I mean there are no offensive boobies to look at here.)
  • 9/10. Good to know I'm keen on spotting the serial murderers. *glances over at coworker*
  • *browses through MoFi photo sets on flickr*
  • 8 out of 10. The only one I recognized was Son of Sam. Thanks for the link!
  • 9/10... my liver's safe. I'm sure some programmers, coders and hackers will take offense at they being typecasted as deranged killers. Then I saw around the people I work with and recalled the faces of most employees at companies I freelance at and just chuckled. Then saw my face reflected on the window and winced...
  • 7/10 :o/
  • Son of Sam was the only one who wasn't ambiguous, as far as I was concerned... and one of them counted in both categories! I was intrigued by the inclusion of so many non-American serial killers. I guess I'd been led to believe that America had cornered the market on that one.
  • 7/10, Like LordSludge, I mostly guessed programming language inventor, unless the photograph looked too old. I guess I figured that mistaking a serial killer for a programmer was less insulting than thinking a programmer was a serial killer.
  • 5/10. Apparently, I should avoid a career in law enforcement. Oops.
  • Anyoen have a guess on THIS one? Apparently, if you guessed murderer, you'd score better than US Customs.
  • 7/10.
  • 7/10
  • heh. 10/10. Some were familiar from books on math, some were familiar from books on killers. The rest I just judged on quality of the photo. I figure if they have a grainy one, it's the best they have of a serial killer. I guess I cheated.
  • 7/10. Woo! (Why I can't watch America's Most Wanted. Afterward, *everyone* looks like a criminal to me!) There's a pretty good movie out there about the Russian serial killer. It follows the detective trying to find him, and the problems he had because Soviet officials refused to believe that a Russian could be a serial killer (they thought serial killers were the product of capitalism). The detective (well played by Stephen Rea) followed the killer -- alone, with no resources -- for years, and when he caught him the FBI informed the detective that FBI investigators only get to work on serial cases for six months because of the psychological damage. Anyway, the movie was an interesting examination of the consequences of investigating serial murderers.
  • I like these, but it's totally up to the designer who they use -- and thus, whether to pick counter-intuitive examples, really the whole point of the exercise. I far prefer the (only in print, sorry) game composed of pictures of people on various drugs, and you had to guess who was on what.
  • 10/10. I recognized all of them. *yawn*
  • 9/10 I missed the killer inside me.
  • wow I normally suck at these things, but I got a 9/10....heehee
  • 10/10 - You can just tell when someone has invented a programming language.
  • 9/10; got all my serial killers right (a friend once gave me a set of serial killer trading cards) but mistakenly called one programmer a serial killer. My guess is he would have been flattered. Yeh, David Berkowitz definitely looks the part.