February 06, 2004

Too good to let MeFites have all the fun. The Kiss.

I've tried several times to compose a description of my 'special' kiss. I have since realized that either I've never had it or I've had many. I'll stew and get back to you on the issue.

  • tease!
  • My most memorable kiss was a drunken peck on the lips from girl at a bar. Actually, that was my only kiss. I think I need to get out more.
  • you have no idea ;). Seriously though. Imagine my dismay. I'm either an emotional cripple or a hussy. There have been an alarming number of 'life altering' kisses and as such my life has taken many odd twists. I guess I follow my heart, or in this case, my lips. I'll stick it out with the one that didn't turn out well: I'd been casually dating a girl who was also dating 'someone else'. I met the 'someone else' out at a bar one weekday evening. She was sexy in a way I didn't have words for (and still don't). That Sunday I went to a BBQ on an invite from a virtual stranger. The 'someone else' was there. We chatted and flirted a bit. Nothing serious. A mutual acquaintance gave both of us rides home. She got dropped off first. When I exited the backseat to move to the front we said goodbye. She leaned into me and kissed me in a deep and meaningful way. I stood there for a moment trying to comprehend what had just happened. She was pulling away before I could catch my breath to speak. I mumbled 'what the heck was that for?' and she replied that she'd wanted to do that all day as she slipped me her phone number. It ended as abruptly and as messy as it began, but it changed my world. I can't say that I actually like her as a person, but I'll always be grateful to her for that kiss. It taught me a lot about taking chances.
  • "The Universe is made up of five elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Suprise!" Then I kissed her.
  • Erg. Usually when I'm at home reading MoFi on friday night, this is not really the kind of site I'm looking for.
  • stripe: get out more ;)
  • I need to get out more, too.
  • Oh sorry - that comment was meant in reply to dirigibleman's comment. I wasn't criticising the thread, which it sounds like. Sorry.
  • O her name was Alicia Pinkerton and she kissed me in a dark community college classroom one August evening before "play practice" in 1975 and I was thirteen and she was many years older and I remember O I could not close my eyes to sleep that night, I was frozen, a fermata, I lay in starchy amber in my bed O my God this is the way of the world. I was twenty-one before my second, a cheap peck paid from a toilet-watered hussy named Tina. Jesus wept for that eight-year-interval.
  • Okay, so I was sat in psychology on the first day of college, and was happy to find out that I was sat next to a stunningly gorgeous girl. Unfortunately, a bit later I met her stunningly muscular and aggressive boyfriend. After talking to this girl for a while, I discovered that her boyfriend was a grade-A cunt. As an example, for Christmas one year she bought him a Gamecube, and on Boxing Day he took it back and bought an X-Box. Yeah. Cunt. So after about half a year of talking to her, I finally helped persuade her to split up with her boyfriend. It was completely selfless; I just thought she'd be so much happier without him. Plus I thought she was totally out of my league. Then one day a coupla weeks later she told me she liked me. Well, I had a grin on my face wide as a cliche. So we went to the cinema, went back to my house, watched another film, held hands. After I drove her back to her house, she was trying to give me petrol money, but I wasn't having any of it. After a while, I relented, figuring I could buy her something nice with it. Then, she said bye, kissed me on the lips, flashed an amazing smile and ran off, giggling. Hell, I've had longer kisses; I've had better kisses. But that smile was amazing.
  • I don't kiss, because I have been taught to flee from anything that stimulates youthful lusts.
  • why is "petrol" so much more romantic a word than "gas"? sigh. we yanks have a doofus language. but i digress. yes, kisses, i am in favor of them.