June 09, 2005

Not just any ole remodel. The Art League of Houston is getting a new building. But instead of just tearing down the old one they decided to have this done in the meantime. This site specific sculpture will be torn down sometime this summer.
  • I would so be there if I were home this summer. That looks very cool. I used to go by there all the time when I lived in the Heights and we'd take Montrose over to Katz's on Westheimer. *homesick* Thanks for pointing it out.
  • I have to drive over there this weekend. That is one cool picture.
  • Welcome to the Asylum. /hhgg
  • That's awesome! I'm homesick, too. I wish I weren't stuck in Ohio all summer :(
  • Awesome. A guy at a local art-and-framing gallery had told me about this, but I hadn't made my way down there yet to see it in person. Now I don't have to go! (I've lived in Houston for six months but not traveled outside of the Westheimer/Gessner/BW8 area much..)
  • Hi everyone - I spoke with a woman that works there and they are scheduled to begin construction on the new building at the end of this month. So it may be gone any day. If you're nearby it's worth the trip to check it out. The construction plans may get delayed and the org is looking for grants to support the place a little longer because it's drawn a lot of attention, more than they figured I think. I live around the corner and all day you see and hear people over there, cars honking at other cars that slow down as they pass - it's brought a really fun energy to the area.