June 09, 2005

  • Some people have too much time on their hands!
  • Love it. Don't understand it, but love it. )))
  • The safest pills "of all time", as it were Ohmygod, can't stop laughing. ) !
  • stepself beat me to the quote and the laughs. That's funny. Have another ).
  • I've used them before - they're great!
  • "Promotional events: Featuring free time travel pills! 5/9/05 (8:00PM) and 5/15/05 (5:30 PM) Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre - 307 West 26th Street - New York, NY" Looks like clever marketing for something. I'll need to find out what it is before deciding if that annoys me or not.
  • Why does the Upright Citizens Brigade fill me with such dread?
  • Dammit. It knew I wasn't a wizard. I wish I was a wizard.
  • I'm a wizard.
  • Appears to be more work of David Rees.