February 06, 2004

Now tonight you're going to twice be entertained by them. Right now, and again at the end of our shew. Here they are, The Beatles! Let's bring 'em out!
  • "Here's the funny thing about a cultural revolution: There's no intermission to hail its arrival. It would have been perfectly reasonable for Ed Sullivan to return after the commercial break (for Anacin pain reliever) and announce the world just changed, and everyone but the Beatles has the night off."
  • Pb-- thanks for reminding me of the anniversary. My mother used to drink lots of Lancer's Rose Wine and play "Paperback Writer" over and over. My dad was a Feliciano fan, and just didn't get it.
  • The Beatles Dubbed Icon of the Century by Variety Magazine. "Onstage, you could not hear the Beatles for the roar of the crowd and the roar I heard was the roar of the whole world. The audience that evening expressed something beyond repressed adolescent sexuality. The noise they made was the sound of the future. I didn't see it -- I heard and felt it.
  • Everytime I see them perform, I think to myself, "Thank God Ringo replaced that silly, rhythmless motherfucker."
  • :P