June 09, 2005

Scientists. Sometimes you want to read about people messing with the green and wet. Sometimes you want to read about people working with the Great Big Out There. Other times you want to read about people working with tiny little things. Maybe you want to read about people trying to make the grade. And (if you're like me) you really, really like to play.

Enjoy the irreverent (the best always were), look to the future, and, most importantly, explore.

  • jmhodges: I love you. I needed some more reading material for Bloglines and this is it. Phanryngula is an excellent site, too. Especially if you hate ID.
  • Ooh, nice post! That first link took me by surprise as the lead story mentioned the LaConner Brewing Co., which I live a mere five blocks from! Anyhow, I especially love the last five links you gave. Did anyone read "We thank you for your persecution, stupid"? It's about the ninth story down. Whoa.....
  • Hey, thanks. Glad my first post went this well. That's definitely an interesting post at "...Of Cabbages..". Between Cabbages and 3quarksdaily (both linked inside of "explore") I never go a day with out learning some of the most odd (yet invigorating), random and fascinating ideas. Some of the titles of the Cabbages and Kings posts (with accompanying summary) alone make it worth visiting. I still have quite a few more links like these that I'll have to share in the future.
  • I'm sure you've seen this already, jm, but if not: Quantum Diaries. Enjoy.
  • Kickass. Thanks for the reading.