June 06, 2005

Wallpaper for the lonely Those crazy Germans and their wallpaper.
  • Like a freeze-frame version of Bobby's interactive wallpaper dreamgirls on Gibson's Count Zero. Oh well, we've got to start somewhere... And is Christine K. asking for loose change or some cereal for her bowl?
  • I hate web sites that time my clicks to the point of anticipation. Thumbs down.
  • Thumbs up. A couple of the papers offer installation shots and I noticed that it had the added benefit of making it look like part of the room had shag carpeting (without any of the drawbacks of actual shag). I don't tend to like those wallpapers that have photo renderings of trees, mountains, etc., though, unless they're really well done.
  • THis is awesome!
  • Is there some kind of insurance for when you see the stranger in your room and have a heart attack? I especially like the suggestion that you put one at the end of the hall. That's good for at least one freakout a day!