June 06, 2005

Bitty Browser, the bittiest browser ever! A nifty little app, I thought. Sort of like picture-in-picture for the web. Works for websites, RSS, and podcasts. Cool coding, says I. via blog.del.icio.us.
  • A very neat hack indeed! Just the thing for keeping track of those recursive MoFi - MeFi - MeCha cross-postings too. Thanks, mct.
  • Reminds me of Escher, in a bad way. ;-)
  • Yeah. Uh... I don't get it. I must be particularly dense, but I don't. What's it for?
  • Kind of too reminiscent of annoying web ad pop-ups...
  • I want to put a bitty browser in my website, and then set it to load my website, with a smaller bitty browser in that website, until eventually I will be able to look into my monitor and see the back of my own head! Isn't it just an IFrame with a browser-esque toolbar at the top? That's what it looked like to me; I didn't bother pulling it apart to see. The idea is interesting but I'm not certain that it does much that a simple link couldn't have done more easily and effectively.
  • and then set it to load my website Speaking for no one in particular, I don't think that Skrik was referring to the Escher comment with his/her "I don't get it" comment :)
  • Neat trick, pity it's just pulling text into that small frame. I saw picture-in-picture -- like flipping through updated photos on flickr, or news or magazine stories, that sort of visual preview -- and I got all excited. Then again, I wonder if that's possible? Might be time for me to get an RSS reader.