February 06, 2004

Curious George Follow up on this Question. I'm trying to create ten second samples of the beginning of songs. [more inside]

I've got my whole music collection loaded onto the laptop and IPOD (aac format). Ideally I want a bit of software that will let me do this digitally. And course free if possible. Oh and thanks for all the category ideas in the last link

  • I just downloaded Cacophony last night and it does a great job on small files with no learning curve (to speak of). I don't know if it is scriptable, but you might be able to work a way to make this cut automatically with applescript, if that is possible. But keep in mind that this suggestion is coming from somebody who has no idea of the power/limitations of applescript. Good luck.
  • mencoder should do what you want (part of mplayer). You can tell it to copy a ten-second piece from any section of the song, ie. the beginning.