June 04, 2005

Large Murals on a Single Webpage
Eric Grohe's own Mural website He paints large scale building murals that seem nearly 3-D.
  • Wow. Just. Wow.
  • That is amazing. The use of perspective to create the 3-D effect reminded me of this old gem.
  • Thanks genial that was good. And it edumacated me. The style of painting when it appears to be an illusion is called: trompe L'oeil = "that which deceives the eye.".
  • So gorgeous! As was genial's link to bees' link, which I'd somehow missed. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling when art in public places is actually good.
  • Great art. Awesome
  • Has anyone else noticed FireFox freaking out whilst loading the pages?
  • Oops. Wrong page; that comment was intended for the lego link. Sorry.
  • What handsome links, ! Thanks.
  • *hands a > to beeswacky*