June 03, 2005

Bonsai Potato I've been doing this for years in various corners and cupboards in my kitchen. I've had a few bonsai onions as well...
  • I think I've got some bonsai garlic, and likely a bit of bonsai leftovers in the back of my fridge. Does that count?
  • Only if you trim it.
  • But, I might add, NEVER a bonsai kitten . (sorry, it had to be done)
  • sorry, it had to be done No, it didn't.
  • Hee, my best friend bought me a bonsai potato kit a few months back. I've got two in my bathroom right now (dark and wet). Think they're just about dried up by now, although they did sprout quite well.
  • We should send out bonsai potatoes to a person who might cook them.
  • One summer when I was away from my apartment for a month I came back to find that I had left a sack of potatoes out. I wonder if some of them might have become bonsai spuds but I will never know because when I saw little flies hovering over the sack I decided to throw it out without looking inside. A few of the potatoes featured in the gallery look like they could compete with bonsai trees, aesthetically (even more so before I click on the thumbnails to see the larger photo). I think it's probably a testament to the pruning talents of the bonsai artists.