June 02, 2005

Bible-belt Town Outlaws Swearing except it's not Tennessee or Arkansas - it's the Dutch town Staphorst.
  • Christ on a cracker! The whole worlds gone god damn crazy...
  • God. When will this terrorist be stopped?
  • Fuckers
  • "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain." But that leaves a lot of other swear words.
  • Unless you worship sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.
  • Onwetende haan uitlopers.
  • Jumpin' Dutchmen on a dyke, what next?
  • This presents real difficulties for anyone whose religion leads a practitioner to regard the divine as being inhernet in all created beings and/or things. Doing away with nouns and names may be the only lawful solution, which seems guaranteed to produce further confusion. Please pass the ...um... Hello, I'm ... unlawful to be uttered ... And I don't know which ...um...of my ...er... should be buttered.
  • = inherent
  • Saying "God damn it!" != taking the lord's name in vain. Saying that your love of God makes you better than someone else = taking the lord's name in vain. Saying that because you attend church, you're a better person than others = taking the lord's name in vain. Any time you use your religion to hold yourself over others, you are taking your god's name in vain.
  • I don't think that saying "God damn it" is taking the Lord's name in vain. Saying "God bless you" is perfectly acceptable, right? There we are asking God to bestow his favor upon something or someone. "God damn it" is simply the opposite: we are asking for God to look without favor upon someone or something. They seem like the same goddamn thing to me.
  • "Ahhh vanity, definitely my favorite sin."