June 02, 2005

I never knew the internet had a phone number. I still have no idea what this service is actually for so if anyone figures it out, do tell.
  • I just called, and it didn't sound like a business...
  • i saw this on jwalk yesterday (or day before?) and called. basically, the conversation: him: hello, the internet. me: i didn't know the internet lived in washington, d.c.! him: ma'am, the internet is a collection of inter-connected computers. it's not a real thing. me: but it has a washington, d.c., phone number! can't i leave the internet a message? him: no, ma'am, the internet is not a thing you can leave a message for. me: but i thought this was "call the internet." him: yes, it is. me: so that's what i'm doing, and i'd like to leave the internet a message, if it's not there right now. him: (sigh) that's impossible. me: so why are you called, "call the internet"? him: because i answer calls. for the internet. me: exactly. so please tell the internet when you see it that i think it's really, really fun. him: OK, OK, i will.
  • it's the exchange for some student at george washington university, BTW...
  • The internet is a stoner college student. Kind of makes sense.
  • But is it the same stoner college kid? Named Kevin? Who claims there's an entire "call center" there?
  • The internet has a lame answering machine.
  • mmm. a lonley stoner kid apparently.
  • yup, that's him. Kevin Internet.
  • Oh, so that's the Internets Bush was talking about... /smacks head
  • Actually, I had a friend who worked as phone support for a small ISP in Maine a few years ago, and they were supposed to answer the phones "This is the Internet, my name is XXX, may I help you." Good times.
  • some guy wanted to know how to fax from the internet. (this was before efax.) we had an interesting conversation.
  • I don't get this entranet thingy, can U explain it 2 me?
  • S'funny I thought the number for the internet was '668' - the neighbour of the beast!!!