November 29, 2003

a guide to very eclectic australian sound and noise makers including a guy who plays record players (as opposed to a guy who plays records on record players) The mind numbing mediocrity offered up by the global- music-mart can't be avoided; but while using this archive it can temporarily be ignored
  • Also see Odd Music
  • It's all good, the first thing I listened to was Xe Rui Fa's vocal mimicry. I saw some bald Czech dude playing kit and some home-made metal thingies, accompanied by a video artist earlier this year. He ended the session by micing up his head and playing a rhythm on it. Sounded quite boney, like a bone xylophone.
  • This is very good
  • The best show I've ever seen consisted of 6 guys guys banging on scrap metal and a broken piano and one guy wearing nothing but a gasmask and a pair of chuck t's running around screaming. This really brings back the memories.
  • the mixing consoles on the site are fun to play with (requires flash)
  • I used to be in a band with Louis Burdett. A terrifying experience, not least for the audience.
  • Scary.
  • The post, or that Wolof was in a band? Mostly, I have trouble picturing Wolof as having been a graduate student. He always seems far too cool and together for it.
  • Man, I'm never going to be in front.
  • I'm almost glad I'm home with this toothache, otherwise I'd never have had time for Nickdanger's tour. Where do we buy souvenirs?
  • Where do we buy souvenirs? I think it's up ahead a few threads.