May 31, 2005

tokyoplastic flash site This is a worthwhile but unusual (up to) 30 minute timesink. I like drummachine best. via
  • An oldie, but goodie.
  • Seen the drummachine, but the rest is new to me. Goes great with a good pair of headphones.
  • Huh... guess I'm the local curmudgeon, because I thought the drummachine was weak at best. Much of it was out-of-sync and really didn't have any payoff... Not to mention that waiting for the menu animations to play out was tiresome. Seriously, what am I missing?
  • techsmith - you're missing nothing. These things are subjective, both from musical/flash art points of view. This is not something I'd try and convince someone to like - but I hadn't seen it before and couldn't date it so I thought there might be a few stray monkeys who would, like me, enjoy it.