May 31, 2005

Trip Hammered While "Star Trek: Enterprise" may be dead, the memory of Trip Tucker will most certainly live on, if nothing else but for his fashion sense. Party on, Trekkers.
  • I'm glad he's dead.
  • Shush, you. He was one of the few reliably good things about that show.
  • most of those shirts are pretty tame actually. Also, my friend was on Enterprise once ("Crewman Taylor" the dead woman)
  • I was reading the Television without Pity recap, and realised I agreed with the recapper - I began hating this character, but the actor brought so much more depth than was written, and brought me all the way around. He was the main reason I watched any Enterprise. (Though after getting into Firefly, I couldn't go back - the comparison was too painful. At least I didn't have to watch the reportedly idiotic series finale.) But he really should have worn his glasses more often on the show - in the (almost) words of mathowie, guys in (well designed and fitting) glasses are ach ooo tee hot. (off topic - but what the heck is up with the glasses on the archeologist on Stargate? They don't fit! They are too small for his head, and never down properly on his ears - he looks ridiculous, which is probably what they are trying to do. Just get some decently fitting frames on the guy already!)
  • Though after getting into Firefly, I couldn't go back Just in case, you didn't know, Firefly is flying again.
  • The shirts he wears in real life seem perfectly average, and I say that as someone for whom bland shirts are a way of life.
  • Well, I liked the show, and the character. The only reliably bad thing about the show was the poor writing later in the series. Seems like UPN decided at some point that it wasn't worth putting any money in to, and as a result people stopped watching it. They do this with shows all the time. Strong shows will keep going, but you take a relatively good one and drop it in a crappy time slot, and bang - it's going to die. Fox did this with Dark Angel, moved it to Friday night (when the average viewer would not be home to watch it) and oddly enough that show was canned. I'm not saying Enterprise would have been on much longer if it weren't on a Friday (with replay on Sunday, at least around here) but it surely didn't help. Why couldn't they have left it on during a weekday? And why did it take them so long before the got the idea of bringing in writers who were involved in other Star Trek shows? And why was the ending so lame, anyway? Had no idea Mr. Trineer liked the crazy shirts though, so thanks for that...
  • I can't help but feel that this post could've been improved with the inclusion of Tanya Tucker.