May 28, 2005

Curious, George: Title of an Idependent Documentary Movie A few years ago, my local Rhode Island PBS ran a documentary film about automobile parking issues, that was quite funny. I wrote down the title, but I lost the notebook in which it was written. In the extended description I have written about what I remember about the movie. Any movie monkeys (or PBS monkeys) have any information about the movie, title or where I might find a copy of it? Or maybe just another place to search?

I believe it was set in California, but I could be wrong. Three scenes that clearly stick out in my mind are: 1) A man would drive around with a garbage can in his trunk. If he found a place to park that was off-limits because of a fire hydrant, he would park, and put the garbage can over the hydrant. 2) A woman parked her car, and left it for over a month. It clearly had been a long time because the tires were all flat, and there were bird turds covering the car. In the meantime someone had parked very close behind her, and then a third driver parked even closer to the second person's car, effectively blocking the second person's car in. The owner of the second car left the owner of the first car a scathing note about how inconsiderate she was for blocking him in. 3) Rather than feed the meter 10 cents for 1 hour of parking, a man would spend 15 minutes filing down a penny on the sidewalk beside his car, until the penny was effectively a dime slug that he would use to pay for the parking. Thanks for any help.

  • Not for nothin' but betcha if you email the folks at they can identify it for you.
  • It was called A Space: The Final Frontier
  • This fine artist worked on the project and will have some more info fer ya.
  • Argh! I mean Argh, I can't thank you enough! You're the greatest. Now to find a copy of it.
  • This site might be of some help. Look about halfway down the page under the "Time-based Productions" heading.
  • Fuck, double post. I just now checked the link above. Sorry.
  • That sounds like something worth watching! Let us know if you find it for sale!
  • in orlando, there was this guy that would go around putting money in parking meters than had expired or were about to. what a nice guy, eh? he got arrested for it.