May 26, 2005

The art of Tim Slowinski Tim Slowinski is the founder/owner/artiste of the Limner Gallery, presently located a couple hours NNW of NYC. For 17 years from the heart of the city Tim presented his eccentric style and biting social commentary along side the art of Karen Wilcox, JoAnn Bishop, and Joachim Marx (my favorite of the three examples). His interviews sometimes read like 'how-to' guides for suffering as a gallery owner. Now in a town so small that it's not named on Google maps(!!), Phoenicia, NY, Tim seems to be happy with small town life.

My favorite, which was also the first I saw...Head of Industry III. I was delighted to see this one hanging on the wall of Morgan's rough-cut internist in 'SuperSize Me'. I suppose it's an original. And why do I get pangs of hunger and guilt when I see this?

  • Now that's grotesque. The Aunt Jemima/Quaker Oats one is especially discomforting/funny/weird to me.