May 26, 2005

The seniors loved this. Drunken Monkeys My seniors checked out a long time ago. I was either going to continue to teach heavy material and give them a huge curve (I am a student teacher and this is what the teacher's policy was), or find stuff that incorporates material they deemed as "cool", and they earn grades. Dunken monkeys and high school girls? It was a winner.
  • Interesting hypothesis - though I still prefer to think I achieved drunkenness through my own efforts.
  • *urp* are we doomed to another be*hic*-er? Can this be the end of Zombie Flanders?! *hic*
  • Weird, cos I was thinking about this earlier on, only in terms of human 'self-medication'. Forgive me for not reading the entire text of the above linked article to make sure it's not mentioned, but I read a report in Nature or somewhere recently that chimps and other apes will seek out certain herbs or roots that will offset acidity of other food, or alleviate pain. Along with getting stoned on stuff. If this is the case, then humanity's hedonistic impulses with pot & booze are extentions of evolutionary tactics from long ago and won't be erased by moralistic crusades, laws or anything else, anytime soon. Which I think history bears out. Now pass the bong.
  • In Ontario, you have to actually work in your senior year, because university admittence is not assured until you graduate. And they cancelled our tequila sunrise. We never got any fun.
  • Has naybody ever got their pet drunk?
  • I'm a good tpyist!
  • hears anotherthing you can take that in your big stupid face! *hic* ... Khinnihave another beer pl*hic* pleashe?
  • Hi pete!
  • Ha! I have been studying the primates of d' workin' class stoodge. Now it seems addiction is very neccesary to workin' class society. You gotta keep the new beepin' slaves happy write? Smokers look forward to there next cigarette, they don't think, they don't have worries. They have addication. And as for myself "fuck the born agains" give me a beer!
  • To answer the Viking: I know that friends have gotten their pet high, not drunk.