May 26, 2005

He's 7'1", he plays basketball, he 'raps',... and he's a cop? And not just a cop, but a Deputy US Marshal. Shaq. Huh. I'm confused. Does anyone else find this utterly wrong?

I mean, I'm all for hunting down sex predators, but... I KNOW that America has more skilled people for this job. What's next, Wilt Chamberlain going undercover to bust hookers? Oh, wait. He died in 99'. RIP, Wilt.

  • *looks around, leaves quietly*
  • Mmmf.
  • I think that's an honorary gig, much like Elvis's deputization. Perhaps the Kang was working for the DEA?
  • No, that was Koloth.
  • Interesting... If you do a google search for Shaq and police you come up with a number of articles that mention this. He evidently went through the L.A. police training and is/was a reserve officer in L.A. There are also a number of interviews where he talks about eventually going into law enforcement. Who woulda thunk...?
  • Chyren are you sure that wasn't Kang? I though Koloth was running with Kor at the time.
  • Not sure why "plays basketball" was not in quotes like "raps" was.
  • undercover? undercover?? i think it safe to say that's a physical impossibility.
  • He'll be pretending to be Pete Townshend.
  • Mr. SideDish doesn't seem surprised, here's what he says: Hey, he's the big Aristotle! He can do anything.
  • perhaps my comment was misconstrued--i was not referring to any Monkey named Kang or Koloth, I was referring to the one and only kang of rock & roll, Mr. Elvis Presley, thankyouverymuuuch.
  • He spends hours on his home computer, logging into the police network. if it takes him hours to log in, he represents little threat to any criminal.
  • Somehow I find the line stating that Shaquille is a "great communicator" to be somewhat lacking. He seems to generally be rambling in interviews, and as for acting, I've not seen his movies, but I can say that I didn't even find him to be convincing in those stupid Radio Shack commercials. Sure, he's too recognizable to go on the street anywhere, so he'll do his undercover work on the internets. That still doesn't explain how the heck he's going to communicate, especially undercover, if the interviews and "acting" that I've seen are representative samples of his abilities.