May 26, 2005

Draw with words. My feeble effort. I think that second link works, but you have to click through to enter the site?
  • thanks. there goes my day. seriously, thanks. this is nice.
  • Is yours the "zilla" one? Because that's a "best of" and it's all made out of "Monkeyfilter". Awesome! Very fun in general, thanks for the link.
  • Great picture, Pleg! And lovely link. Thanks!
  • sweet...
  • i love it get up to walk the dogs and planned to go back to bed... oh well my day off is wasted.
  • I'm confused. Is this a self link? And I hate web pages that resize the window.. and then pop up a fullscreen window? That's crap! (IMO)
  • *applause*
  • What techsmith said!
  • techsmith: I don't think this counts as a self-link - it's the site that's the point, rather than my effort on it. I hope other people are having a go, but alas the site is disabled by my office software, so I can't actually see it at the moment. I take your point about the windows. dammitjim - welcome. If my wife would only agree I'd replace my monitor with a projector focussed on the bedroom ceiling, so that I could browse while lying motionless except for the nervous twitching of my fingers on the trackball. bees - what I said to techsmith!
  • I admit that when it went full-screen, I kinda lost interest. But now I see that you've just used the site to create your own. I misunderstood.