May 26, 2005

Is the internet making you paranoid? via bb but will it beat out Jesus and the aliens? Can't wait for the statistics--

paranoid delusions for everyone in a variety of flavors, take your pick. still musing on that as a band name now that guided by voices is over

  • Madness happens in real time. I lost my mind on or about late August-early September 1997. I went in thinking I was Princess Di, they just thought I was crazy and corrected my thoughts. Fuck sanity.
  • You mean you aren't Princess Di?
  • You can laugh about this, but I work in the court system and have seen it first-hand. Some of our agencies, whose full records are not yet avaiable on the internet, have to get restraining orders against people who stalk our employees in search of information. Think about it -- the anonymous and immediate availabilty of public records made available over the internet is tossing lighter fluid into the flames of obsessives/delusionals. The scariest are the domestic violence cases. We deal with these people every day. And they are beyond paranoid. They are convinced that someone is out to fuck them up. They have computers; they know how to use them. And they WILL be vindicated, because the system is out to get them. And even though they might be insane, they can still navigate the internet just fine. It's been a truly spooky realization lately. Thanks for the post; at least someone else thinks about it as well.
  • Actually, leading a dull, boring, broke life does keep you under the radar.
  • what, me worry?
  • Sorry, but you can't always have that.
  • You would be surprised at what could get you sucked into the systeml
  • You mean you aren't Princess Di? No, I'm Jerry Garcia.
  • I thought you were a tie-selling dead man.
  • oops, sorry; wrong thread. On my part, at least.
  • Ties should be worn around the neck, not the parts. Otherwise they bind.
  • You "so-called' "intellectuals" mock my Time-Cube. Just you wait. We'll "see" who's donning the "tin-foil" "hats" then...., Elders of Scion! (As if your boxy mini-vans were fooling anyone. punctuation courtesy of Kaye Grogan
  • Google "Kaye Grogan" at your peril.
  • my departed high school buddy, the Fishman, led a mostly dull, boring, broke life, but he managed to find time for delusional paranoia and had reached some truly mindbending conclusions: Ted Kennedy was after him, because he (the Fish) stole John Anderson's vitamin-cure for diabetes. The secret agents tracking him all were obvious because their license plates had a "K" in them. (I was never much for vanity plates, but I wanted to get an all K plate then). His moment of glory came when President Clinton was going to visit the closest big town to his tinfoil emporium (La Crosse, WI) and the men in black came to ask local merchants about him. Vindicated! They were after him! Of course, the rambling, random-thought letters he wrote to Clinton detailing any number of disturbing plots had NOTHING to do with that. The Fishman died before broadband, or he might have had a reason to go on.
  • Google "Kaye Grogan" at your peril.
    ditto for "kaye grogan naked"...
  • Web Tip: Try removing quotes from your search to get more results. Your search - "kaye grogan naked" - did not match any documents. Suggestions: - Make sure all words are spelled correctly. - Try different keywords. - Try more general keywords. "wing-nuts naked" "rush limbaugh naked" "right-wing gas bags naked" nope. guess "I" will never see "Kaye Grogan" "naked". Unless you count me being naked now, reading Kaye Grogan's rants.
  • Your search - "kaye grogan naked" - did not match any documents.
    you were given fair warning.
  • I just looked on the back of my yogurt container. You know what's in my yogurt? Lemon pulp. I googled for "lemon pulp" and I found this. Ethephon! Used to ripen lemons! And furthermore, the report said this:
    No toxicological information on ethephon was made available to the 1977 Joint Meeting. Therefore no toxicological evaluation could be accomplished and no acceptable daily intake for humans was established.
    So now knowing that ethephon is used to ripen the lemons they grow for the pulp, I googled for that chemical: I found the following PDF, Did you take your poison today? The government claims ethephon is harmless, but that's only because the 1977 report didn't have any access to references for effects on people! It's a comspiracy. Fuck. I'm not eating lemons any more. Yoplait is out to kill me. I bet it's because I wrote them a letter telling them their containers suck because they hurt skunks and make it difficult to get the damn yogurt out of the container in the first place. Jesus fuck I bet they're on their way to "disappear" me right now. All I'm saying is, sometime next year they'll be marketing Yoplait branded C.L. Frogs Yogurt. Soylent Green, people. Soylent Green.
  • Google "Kaye Grogan" at your peril. ditto for "kaye grogan naked"... I would sooner stare into the Eye of the Goatse than dare imagine what's going on under that woman's leopard print smock.
  • Is this the first time we've linked to the Mind Hacks blog? It's a fascinating book if you're even mildly interested in the way your brain works...