May 24, 2005

Human-powered hydrofoil. Ride this contraption on water by jumping up and down. Watch it in action (QuickTime). I'm sure this is a good way to burn some body fat. It's jump or drown. I want one.
  • That's pretty ingenious. The major drawback is that the rider has to have some initial speed in order for the jumping motion to translate into forward propulsion. If you stop in the middle of the water, you sink and have to swim back, towing the "pumpabike" behind you. Pretty darn major drawback there, in my opinion, but human-powered hydrofoils are still darned cool.
  • I'll wait for the handle-less Segway. I'm lazy like dat.
  • I wanna see somebody dressed as Jesus ride one.
  • /scratches head Ye know, whenever I bounce and flap it's nothing like this.