November 29, 2003

ZooperStars Shaquille O'Seal, Harry Canary, Shark McGuire and Clammy Sosa dancing and clowning for your family entertainment.

I saw these disturbingly large and highly animated characters at an Albuquerque Isotopes game this past summer. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Check out their 2004 appearances and catch them if you can.

  • A working link.
  • Heh, Albuquerque Isotopes.. I thought you were kidding! No mention of the real inspiration for their name on the team history page.
  • Thanks dng. That's what I get for late-night inspiration. It was a hotly debated issue for months here in Albuquerque. The old team, The Dukes, finished up their season in summer 2000 and moved to Portland OR. Much of the old guard in the city felt the new team should take the classic name. However the team ownership was a little more savvy and went with the more marketable name. Good on them, they sold more merchandise than any other Minor League team. I hate their logo, but it's still a great day at the ballpark. Second only to an afternoon at Wrigley. If you're ever near Albuquerque in the summer months you should try to catch a game. It's some of the most impressive baseball you're likely to see.
  • They're big.
  • I did admire IgSlu's 'Burque love, though. Man, I miss that town. Mexican food in Austin... it just isn't the same. In a bad way.
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