May 17, 2005

Curious George: Simple cheap web hosting: Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys, I have a painfully simple question: I want very cheap web hosting with very simple needs to match. I want a non-scripting (only HTML), no database, no e-mail, with or without domain sale website.

Considering that for 8 bucks a month I can get a website with 1000mb, 8000mb transfer, php, asp, cold fusion, mySQL support and 50 email addresses, I'm thinking that I should be able to get the absolute most basic HTML only website hosting for uber-cheap. I'm thinking like 20 bucks for a year. The problem, it seems, is that my google-fu fails me mainly due to just so many reviews and almost what seems to be page spamming. So, please help me find the best, simple, cheap hosting. Thanks.

  • Well it's one of those "you get what you pay for thingies". I own/run a web hosting company, but can't get down to your $20 a year figure.. you might try something like, bigger is better if you are going cheap-cheap. dale (
  • Here's the best deal without a doubt (which I found courtesy of Askme and took advantage of). Sign up at Dreamhost choosing the Level 1 plan. It's normally $120 for a year. Put 777 as a promotional code and the price will drop to $9.24. It has a lot of stuff you won't need and didn't ask for, but hell, for the price you can't beat it.
  • Affordablehost has what you're looking for ... free. See the "Single-X" plan. It's only 50MB storage and half a gig monthly bandwidth with an email forward and no other features, but if you write clean code with minimal graphics for a low-traffic type of site, it should be more than enough. I was about to throw in my affiliate link, but what use would that be? :D
  • craiglist - find people to share w/?
  • Here in NZ a lot of the ISPs include basic webhosting as part of your connection. Maybe you could find something like that?
  • I've never had any problems with - you can register a domain and have an ad free 100MB of space and 1000MB of traffic a month for $25 for the yeaqr - no monthly fees.
  • I'm paying $30-40 a year for godaddy, although their "unique" way of handling certain things can make doing intermediate tasks like starting a blog quite frustrating. I think this question is getting old. Either that or I am.
  • My "solution" to cheap webhosting, was to use my ISP's free webspace (most of them in australia offer a few megs of webspace). I then paid usd$15/year for a domain that simply redirects to the site (directnic is my domain seller of choice). Pros: * easy & cheap * free email redirects for * * easy access to your own webpages * easy to change hosting arrangements. if i ever find somewhere else to put my pages, i'll just change the redirection through directnic. it takes about 15minutes for new redirections to become live. Cons: * no real service guarantees * depending on http redirection type, it can look unprofessional
  • genial: you nailed it, that's pefect. mfpb 2 21: I'm sorry, it is an 'old' question. However, I did get what I was looking for. NOTHING can beat the collective intellegence of the monkeys. You guys, once again, rock.
  • Mon Dieu! Can that Dreamhost offer be real? Even at regular price it beats my current webhost to a pulp. I spent my $9 to find out. I'd been looking to change webhosts, thanks for the tip.
  • I`ve used for 4 years. I believe it`s one banner ad now, with 25mb. No mp3s, which I hate. The problem with the free ones is that they usually only stay around a couple years.I use to use freeyellow, and internettrash, but they both shut down and I lost a lot of files and links/ Do not choose one that has popups.
  • gspm: I went and got one. It is real, as far as I can tell. I am awaiting my domain choice to go live, other than that, everything has been a go.