February 04, 2004

Extreme swearwords! Mr. Johnathan Lydon, aka 'Johnny Rotten', said a very rude thing on television last night. 28 years after his mate did a similar thing.

So America is terrified of breasts, Brits are still as easily shocked as we were almost thirty years ago, the BBC won't even print the words as "f****** c****"... shouldn't we have grown up a bit by now? Meanwhile, those highbrow Guardian readers are debating the issue... (NSFWIYBDLTW'C')

  • What a fucking cunt!
  • Pronounced fOOkin' cOOnt, I trust. He's kickin' it chav-style.
  • Okay, so they sign up Johnny Rotten to appear on a show, then wonder why the godfather of punk rock swears on TV. Huh.
  • So America is terrified of breasts, Brits are still as easily shocked as we were almost thirty years ago... The evil media giants and our big-brother governments have got to keep feeding us our culture of FEAR somehow.
  • Forksclovetofu: Dubbleyoo Tee Eff? Personally I'm of the opinion that if they're used more often, they'll lose their taboo, and therefore can be used without comment, and the children, who we're all expected to think of, will come up with some new and even more interesting swearwords that we can adopt and stop them from using. It's a self-solving problem.
  • He's just copying Emimem. Hack!
  • That really looks uncomfortable for the little guys. Has to be a long drop. On topic, I look forward to the day my grandchildren call me old fashioned for telling them that "back in my day we didn't use words like fornicate and excrement." I'm still waiting for a replacement for fuck, it just doesn't have any shock value anymore.
  • Looks like Mister Lydon created some "Anarchy In the UK."
  • What a fucking rotter!
  • I'm really confused - WTF is a "live eviction programme"? making people homeless for entertainment?
  • Pronounced fOOkin' cOOnt, I trust. Nah, mate. Faahhkin' Cahnts. Faaaaaaahhkkhin Caaaahhnnnntsssss. Suvverner, like, innit? I'm still waiting for a replacement for fuck Be***um? making people homeless for entertainment? Memo to self: good idea for show! write up as pitch document (possible format - how long can you keep the fact that you've lost your job and have
  • ...oh, and some breaking news... He's fucked off! Fuckin' cunt!
  • (NSFWIYBDLTW'C') huh?
  • Not Suitable For Work If You Basically Don't Like The Word Cunt, maybe...
  • probably, Your Boss, actually, thinking about it.
  • ah, thanks dng.
  • correct! dng wins, i dunno, a mars bar or something :-)
  • I'll hold you to that, flashboy, if we ever have a British MonkeyFilter meet-up.
  • I will honour any chocolate-based commitments. I am a man of my word. though i'm not travelling north of faaahhckin' essex to give it to you... in fact, i refuse point blank to even travel to essex
  • I don't blame you. The risk of death by Capri or Escort is way too high...
  • or death by chav
  • Well, the chav's are driving the Capri's and Escorts, most probably. Driving them past the secondary school, no doubt, impressing the 14 year olds. (Man, I want a car. I could definately get laid then.)
  • Chavs get all the action, damn them. In other news, I've just set my house on fire. Fuck. 'scuse me for a bit...
  • flashboy: but I always thought it hilarious that the "I, Claudius" mini-series had lots of nudity, orgies, and discussion/depiction of other titillating events which were never noticed by US tv censors or fundamentalists. Maybe they thought that no one would watch? Or, maybe they didn't watch the show since it was on PBS. I always thought we got "I, Claudius" from the BBC. Maybe they didn't watch, either?
  • P.S. - the series aired in the 1970's.