February 04, 2004

Miles Iz Ded The video for the Afghan Whigs song Miles Iz Ded never aired uncut on MTV (if it aired at all.) The video contains a guy making out with a person in a chicken costume, a woman cutting her wrist open, graphic herion use, sex in a bathroom stall and all around weirdness. In case you haven't figured out: NSFW.
  • fantastic, Sullivan dirty,crummy, leering and delicious
  • oh, and for some reason, I kept on getting "SPONSORED BY STAIND" ads. ha.
  • I got a wrong browser-type error, but it can't be much worse than Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up", surely.
  • I must emphatically protest. Miles is not dead. In other news, Bird Lives.
  • tracicle : get the right browser and find out... . . . it is
  • There are three other lame videos in the same stream, interspersed with a single somewhat amusing Pepsi spot. I advise that airbody else bail after the first scene, unless you really dig the "slow-motion shot of dude miming playing his guitar while babelicious type stares at him longingly" school of viddy.
  • I love the Afghan Whigs. This video is odd.
  • Also, that site seems to have a nice big selection of videos. Excellent post all round, Sullivan.
  • Pretentious music video checklist: 1: Black and White 2: Strobe lights 3: Inexplicably attired woman in chicken costume stuck in motorbike sidecar 4: Fetishistic documentation of skag shooting 5: Copious, obsessive footage of anonymous sex and drinking of alcohol 6: One fifth of video is devoted to credits for video 7: Chorus is lead singer chanting "Oooo, bay-beh; ooo bay-beh" 8: Toilets and Brick Walls /at this point, I've seen so many people shoot heroin on video that I think _I_ could do it...
  • Here's another link to the Miles Iz Ded video. By the way Forkster, I happen to enjoy "copious, obsessive footage of anonymous sex and drinking of alcohol," after bible study.
  • I'll have you know I'm updating that tracking site regularly.