May 06, 2005

Discover now Sanford Bennett’s highly effective secrets on how to: • Restore and maintain overall vitality thru simple “exercises in bed” • Remove wrinkles in the face and neck, and maintain beautiful skin using “palm friction” • Reduce an obese abdomen by “percussion stomach massage” • Rejuvenate sagging muscles of the cheeks, throat and chin with a special massage technique • Cure rheumatism and varicose veins without medicine using the “palm friction” method • Minimize falling hair using scalp massage techniques and controlled hair-pulling exercises. • And many more unconventional but proven highly effective fitness and beauty tips for the middle-aged and beyond.
  • I thought it was spam until I saw that it was SideDish who posted it... Aside from that, though, I'm pretty sure other "exercises in bed" are more fun and have similar results.
  • LIVER EXERCISES! ALL TOGETHER NOW! There are three exercises Sanford Bennett described for the liver. Feel the location of your liver with the fingers of both hands as you lie on your back. Press the fingers upward past the ribs. The liver can be easily moved and tensed because the abdominal muscles are in relaxed state. Create pressing movements under and upwards. Do this twenty times and increasing daily until you reach 100 or until your condition permits. This tensing exercise is comparable to the effect you get when you ride a horse. This is an exercise frequently prescribed by physicians when the liver is not in good condition. Second Exercise Lie on your right side and place your left hand over the area of your liver. Position yourself with the head slightly inclined forward and with the knees bent. This will relax the abdominal muscles and place the liver forward. With your knuckle of the thumb or the pad of a finger, press well under the ribs and massage the liver. Third Exercise (Percussion) Light thumping of the liver will also help in the healthy activity of the liver. Lie on your left side which inclines the liver forward and the muscles relaxed. With your right fist, strike lightly but rapidly on the area. Begin with twenty strikes and increase daily up to how many your condition permits. When the liver is properly taken cared of, the whole body system is guaranteed to be in a good condition. And when you pay equal attention to all the parts of your body, there is no need to worry about your health failing. Take care of your body.
  • Have qualms about 'controlled hair-pulling'. First of all, I want to know WHOSE hair? And then I want to know: hair from WHERE? And of curse, mussed this happen in my bed?
  • I'm well acquainted with the "palm friction method", thank you.
  • Aaaah, I have fond memories of controlled hair-pulling. I recall an old friend who had nothing but praise for such an act. I found it strange to contemplate... but alas, it does feel quite good! [referring to hair growing from the scalp] SideDish, you purchased the ebook?
  • nope, just got a press release with the very valuable liver exercises.
  • I exercise my liver daily. Right now, it's out on its morning jog while I watch "The Price Is Right".
  • The first excerpt sounds like it should be in a Maxim article: Get Healthy and Laid! Kill two birds with one bone!
  • Ah, this is what we have come to. sugarmilktea has to assure us that the pulled hair referred to is of the head variety, lest we launch an onslaught of pube jokes.