May 03, 2005

Nobody reads books or go to libraries, now that the glorious Turkmenbashi has given us the only book worth reading.
  • This fucking Turkmenbashi guy is really starting to shit me off.
  • turkmenbashi threads proliferate, where is our dear fine poet bees?
  • Beeswacky the Scribe sent me some cash Ensconced in a slow boat to china Daubed on the box, a monkey smokes hash: Not to be sold to a minor.
  • Bashi, Bashi, In rhyme and song What is it that's got your head so wrong? Hospitals closed Libraries too A fathead whack job loser are you. thanks to klausness for the links. Between closing schools, hospitals, and libraries, and the "Shepherds for Truth" attack ads, I don't have much hope for John Kerry in the 2009 Turkmenistan elections.
  • Amnesty details in a lengthy document mentioned here about five hours ago various human rights abuses, the shutting down of public libraries, the curtail ment of the school year from eleven years to nine, ther maltreatment of foreign journalists etc all of which have been mentioned, some repeatedly, on the ongoing Turkmenbashi thread. That is, if anyone's even bothering to read the ongoig Bashi thread. The fact Bashi's alleged poetry has been translated into about 30 different tongues now is insulting to any poet struggling to get even a couplet into print. Corporations which subsidize the crap Bashi writes are anti-art, but not necessarily stupid -- Turkmenistan's natural gas reserves are the fourth largest in the world.
  • turkmenistan meetup! natural gas martinis for all.
  • The Bashi cockpunch is sublime.
  • Oh, so that's where that Turkmenbashi thread went. And, hey, it looks like the original one is still getting some comments – I thought that one was closed. But then, you can never have too many Turkmenbashi threads...
  • We are still on Turkmenbashi's case. That reminds me to read the IFLA report that I got in my mailbox!
  • I have read nothing but the Rukhnama for six years and my mind is now glossy and smooth like a perfect egg. Also, my dandruff has disappeared. Let the heathens scoff!
  • my mind is now glossy and smooth like a perfect egg I know how hard it is to get the wrinkles out of a brain...