May 03, 2005

May 5 is the National Day of Prayer This Thursday, be sure to get on your knees and pray!

Of course, you could pray for the normal crap (peace, equality, an end to poverty), but that is boring! Why not go with the Offical Website suggests? That is the only place to see who really needs your prayers.

  • My knee really hurts when I have to kneel on it. I'm just gonna get drunk. Okay?
  • Praying to the porcelain god on Cinco de Mayo? Check.
  • It's nice they tell you which god is the right one to pray to. With so many gods to choose from nowadays, it's easy to send them to the wrong one(s).
  • I'll prabob.
  • There's even a theme song! Built on one foundation One nation under God, One freedom bought and paid for By one sacrifice for all. What the hell does that mean? Was there one sacrifice that created this nation? I think I must've missed that day in History class. Or are they talking about Christ dying on the cross for everyone's sins? If that's the case, what the hell does that have to do with this country? I think maybe someone was confused. I know I am.
  • THE ATHEIST'S PRAYER. Our brains, which art in our heads, treasured be thy name. Thy reasoning come. Thy best you can do be done, on earth as it is. Give us this day new insight to help us resolve conflicts and ease pain. And lead us not into supernatural explanations; deliver us from denial of logic. For thine is the kingdom of reason, and even though thy powers are limited, and you're not always glorious, you are the best evolutionary adaptation we have for helping this earth now and forever and ever. So be it.
  • One freedom?
  • *golf clap*
  • 1 Sacrifice = 1 Freedom. No Bulk Discounts.
  • Yes but is it wrong to pray for a blowjob?
  • Not if the resin failed.
  • National Day of Prayer and Cinco de Mayo? "The National Day of Prayer was created by an act of Congress and is, therefore, intended for all peoples of faith to pray to the God of their understanding. However, our expression of that involvement is specifically limited to the Judeo-Christian heritage" Holiday hijack of the first order. Me,i will pray for beer and hot hispanic dancers. Also i will pray to avoid the porcelain god.
  • Do they have any guidelines as to what you can pray for? Because if not, I'll be sending off my usual prayer for more fresh-faced ladies with pliable morals, brown hair, slighty turned-up noses and the righteous horny for old, baldish married guys.
  • Dear Lord, hear my prayer. I pray for the future of my country. May our citizens see the hypocrisy of the current administration and start demanding an end to torture by our government. May we respect the environment of the world you have made for us and start protecting rather than conquering it. May we end our military folly in Iraq and avoid such folly in other lands. May we heed your words of grace, compassion and benevolence toward our fellow man, rather than punish the downtrodden for their misfortune. May we stop misusing your scripture to attack those different from ourselves. I pray for the world. May the world cease using you as an excuse for war. May the attacks upon civilians done in your name cease. May we find peace through discussion not war. I pray for me. May I have the strength to work against injustice rather than sit passively in its face. May I have the strength to help my neighbor.
  • Dear Lord, if you want me to eat this trail mix and soda I have brought as an offering to you, give absolutely no sign. Thy will be done. *chomp*
  • It appears that the "Official Website" is run by the National Day of Prayer Task Force, who don't seem to be a part of, or affiliated with, the US gub'mint.
  • ...wait, you're not praying EVERY day, religious folk? Isn't that kind of what you do? Not to mention... into your room and close the door, not standing on the street corner waving your arms around? I remember that part. The "tell" doesn't really fly unless you work the "show" part too. But I'm a heathen, what do I know. I play the music and don't ask questions. SideDish, that was adorable.
  • Here is a history, another view at this event, and my favorite take on National Prayer Day. While isn't a government institution, the first Thursday is legally regarded as a National Day of Prayer (The Senate Bill, S 1378, signed into law by Reagan on May 5, 1988). Aren't theocracies great?
  • Kneel before the Lord. Prayer is optional.
  • Kneel before Zod! You haven't a prayer.
  • When I was way back in seminary school, there was a preacher there who put forth the proposition that you can not petition the Lord with prayer.
  • I pray but I've always sensed that my prayer is cancelled out by someone elses. Me: God, please don't let this hooker steal my wallet. Hooker: God, please make this idiot go to sleep so I can steal that wallet.
  • Sidedish - I'm not so much with the sentiment (dogmatic aetheism gives us poor agnostics a bad name, since we're always assumed to be fellow-travellers), but I'm really impressed at how the rhythms of the original, which I love, religous or not. The King James Bible, and the Elizabeth Book of Common Prayer are two works of amazing literature.
  • may 5th is also 'children's day' in korea.
  • It's also 'General Election' day in the UK. Not every year, thankfully.
  • Prayer