May 03, 2005

Sensitive Light: a Portfolio of Photographs by Graham Jeffery. Excellent photographs, with galleries by subject and a blog.

The blog entries show bits of the learning process in becoming a good photographer. There's also a recurring theme of dealing with depression that informs the work.

  • he hasn't posted in a while, but he's got a habit of taking leave periodically. There's plenty in the archives and galleries to hold one's interest, though.
  • Great work, in a very friendly format. I like his writing style as much as his photos...
  • Stunning. Thanks, patita.
  • Thanks, those are gorgeous. And just what I needed today.
  • It's one of my favourite sites on the web. I hope many more people get pleasure out of the way he sees his world.
  • Unpredictable, delightful -- thanks, patita!!!
  • I was a bit surprised no one had linked to him before--he's clearly in the category of "best of the web" and the work is so good! I was glad to be able to share such a gem.
  • Great stuff, thanks! I'm really digging the colored smoke.