May 03, 2005

A Call to Arms! Or at least a call to set pens to paper... A very good friend of my wife and I is in her last month of pregnancy. Yesterday, her OB put her on complete and total bedrest rest for the next three or more weeks. Our little monkey brains started scheming on how to make our friend's enforced confinement as a very pregnant beached whale bearable.

So... one of the ideas we came up with was to get people we know from everywhere in the US and the world to send a post card to our poor bedridden friend. The only requirement is for the card to be as cheezy and tacky as possible. Store bought or home made, it doesn't matter just as long as it's *extremely* tacky. And if it has penguins involved...Bonus Points! So...If any of you monkeys want to drop a postcard saying hi to my friend, send me an email and I'll forward you the relevant information. Thanks! or Bring a moment of humor to the life of a poor, bedridden pregnant woman.

  • a poor, bedridden pregnant woman who likes penguins, it sounds like.
  • Quack! wait, that's not right . . . "Honk"? . . .no . . hmm . . umm. . . "Chirp"?
  • whoa, [more inside] can be your friend! :)
  • Uh, TEM? I need to tell you something. Don't call her "a very pregnant beached whale." Pregnant women are a wee bit sensitive about their weight. Got it?
  • Mickey's right. When my sis was pregnant I just said she looked "tubby". (for some reason she didn't talk to me much until the kid was born)
  • how about she is "aglow with the promise of new life"?
  • *sicks up*
  • wait, that's not right . . . "Honk"? . . .no . . hmm . . umm. . . "Chirp"? penguin noises sick dog noises
  • Monkeys talk about everything except send postcard. I wuv monkeys!
  • No but seriously, get her a laptop and an Internet connection, and she can join us here. Wouldn't that make her happier than postcards?
  • >>Don't call her "a very pregnant beached whale I know that She's just not supposed to hear me say it (she *and* my wife will flay me if they knew) >>No but seriously, get her a laptop and an Internet connection She does have internet connex and surfs...but we want to give her something *else* to do and look forward to during the day since watching the penguin on the non-existant telly will get boring quickly.
  • I've got my goofy penguin postcard made. It's written in guano. Which for the non-linguists among us, is a close relative of Esperanto.
  • Oh boy. She's in for quite some tacky surprises, if I know the monkeys here...
  • so engineer's monkey, where's the email info? huh huh huh?
  • Is this the glowing lady in question?