May 03, 2005

Spike Seigel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine and Edward Wong Hau Pepulu Tivrusky the fourth as lego. Let's get everybody and this stuff together...three two one let's go..
  • And, then, what do we do?
  • If it were me, 20+ years ago when I last played with Legos, melt 'em. Maybe make them hold firecrackers. Crush their wee heads in my dad's vice he keeps in the workshed...I could go on for hours.
  • Thirty years ago, I was just hopping around after having stepped on a Lego hiding in the carpet. (Shag, ya know.) Twenty years ago, well, she was 15, so I had other things to worry about. But Tinker Toys were my favorite when I was a kid. Lincoln Logs seemed really boring.
  • Those are pretty impressive, and remind me that I really should get around to seeing the rest of Cowboy Bebop.
  • The rest of it I can figure out, but how'd they make those Lego hair-pieces? And they shoulda made their ships.
  • The hair looks like sculpted clay.
  • Ha! I like CB, too. Dude, everything you think is cool? Actually isn't. Sorry. That there is cute. Though Ed's shorts look like a sumo loincloth, and that's a little scary.
  • ?