May 02, 2005

Messengers of Faith: Collectible talking figures that recite verses from the Bible! 12" tall, highly detailed and fully posable!
  • fully (dis)posable ;- )
  • Christian dolls made by a Jewish guy who also makes the Spongebob doll, Oy vey!
  • How many of these do you think will get posed by their owners in "suggestive" combinations? Apropos of nothing: I'm on the train today, and I was stunned by the sheer volume of people reading the Bible. Not like those little pocket New Testaments that they give kids in Sunday school, I'm talking the big-bertha lap-engulfing NIVs with the leather covers, the red-lettered Jesus quotes and the protective zippered bindings. There were like six in my train car alone! And I'm not even counting the lady two seats over who had one of those Daily Devotional thingees (which she was *highlighting*, I might add). I'm not a spiritual guy, so perhaps I'm not the best observer of this, but six on the 7:32 seems excessive, even for a region as religious as this one.
  • The plastic Jesuses on the dashboard should love these!
  • They're not bibles those folks are reading but cleverly disguised Amway catalogs. (It's big in St. Louis.)
  • Amway is still around? yikes.
  • It's still 1965 here.
  • Some company history . Now run by his nephew. (yes, I'm bored..waiting for the gas company to get here)
  • My wife has a co-worker who keeps the zipper-cover bible on her desk, opens it at lunch and sits there reading. She also has angels and crucifixes all over her cublicle. We both wonder (a) how she gets away with that in a work environment, and (b) how she has come this far in life without resorting to wearing a denim skirt 24/7.