May 02, 2005

Decent Free Photo Hosting I'm looking for a free and decent photo-hosting site for my blog . I've been to Flickr, but they have a 20MB per month upload limit. Anyone know of a better place?
  • How many photos? LiveJournal has an excellent service that should suffice for a few dozen a month. More than that and you're probably better off buying a pro Flickr account or running your own photo site (I recommend gallery for the back-end).
  • Download Google's Hello, which will place your photos right on Blogger's servers. I have done so with my photos.
  • i use tinypic, is that what you're looking for? *i'm a technodoofus*
  • Photobucket
  • grr, never get my href tag to take
  • - If you can get past the wacky name then everything else is free, reliable and simple.
  • Damn, Skrik, those are quite good. If I could piggyback -- does anyone know how long photos stick around on Blogger? I gave up on Hello when I found that my images were still live on the web for a week (at least?) even after deleting posts. I'm probably just paranoid. I don't think Blogger has an upload limit, so it looks awesome in that respect.
  • Mange takk, Pianistic. Actually, you can get good shots in this part of the world simply by pointing and clicking, it's that spectacular.
  • With Flickr, 20MB is the upload limit. There's no limit on downloads. If you're uploading images intended to be shown on a web page, you might not need to put up 2MB JPEGs; Flickr's upload cap means 200 100kB JPEGs per month. --Pat
  • Image High
  • I'll second PhotoBucket. It's free, there's practically no storage limit, the owner seems cool, and it's reliable (only down briefly maybe twice in the last few years I've used it.)
  • I use PhotoBucket too, and I've never had a problem with it.