November 29, 2003

This website, which spoofs the n-gage mobile game deck made the rounds a bit ago, but I wanted to share it with those of you whom may have missed it
  • ha ha. very funny site, naxosaxur.
  • yes, naxosaxur. thank you for posting it, naxosaxur.
  • oh naxosaxur, you have the best links evar!!!
  • Feeling a wee bit ignored are we? People may have thought it was productfilter. Heh. Anyway, I hadn't seen it before, thanks for sharing.
  • Monkey Blue.
  • They're on to me! ::flails hands wildly and scampers off into the woods::
  • Now we all know what to do when no one comments on our links - add our own! (she says, smiling) I liked and had not seen before, thanks.
  • Anybody still see N-Gages around?
  • Lovely weather we're having.
  • no need to go to the gym!
  • The N-Gage has been redesigned. It's still not very popular.