February 03, 2004

Curious George: I have too many post-it notes...[database help]

I need recommendations for an open-source [i.e. free] contact database that I can use instead of having hundreds of little post it notes all my desk. Using Outlook temporarily for contact info but need more customization. I am amenable to building my own through trial and error but need something fairly intuitive. Mildly geekish, so technology doesn't scare me [much]. WinXP operating system.

  • If Outlook isn't going to do it for you, my recommendation would be ACT http://www.act.com/ I don't personally use it, but I vetted it for one of our departments that needed a bit more oomph than Outlook was capable of.
  • (the lack of response thusfar may mean that most mofites, my monkeyself included, work at desks littered with blizzards of post-it notes. heh.)
  • I need more post it notes.
  • I use my email program's address book for email addresses; on the iBook I have iAddressBook or whatever it's called. Otherwise I write them on small pieces of paper with the intention of writing them somewhere (I don't know where) in one place. I should replace the batteries in my old Cassiopeia.
  • We've had some big problems with act at my company, but we probably want it to do more sophisticated things than you would.
  • Just for kicks, I actually counted the number of small post it notes on my desk this morning. 426 in the three months on the job. At this rate I'll need to hire an assistant to type all the info I scribbled down into whatever I choose.