April 26, 2005

A classic. More Star Wars fun. Luke and Obi-Wan get a message from the dark side.
  • Ha ha! I've been passing this around on P2P networks for months! Hehe. Really funny. Their faces - perfect. :D
  • (because it's like, really old) in fact.. it might even have been posted before... not sure :D
  • Err - NSFW tag please bow chicka bow bow
  • Sorry petebest about the NSFW omission. I know this thing is ancient, but yet I still encounter folks who haven't seen it.
  • Meh. If it had been Slave Leia... Oh, wait. /thinks about the connotations, feels ashamed
  • WHAT?! No Ewok-on-Wookie action?? /not interested
  • I'd never seen it before, but I've been around a grand total of less-than-a-week.
  • Haven't seen this one for a while. Still funny.