April 26, 2005

The breakup conversation — imagine you've been dating someone for a few weeks, but it's not really working out - so you decided you're going to break up with them over IM. The role of your clingy soon-to-be-ex is played by the computer. (WinXP/2k only)

Yeah, this is a few months old. Sorry in advance if you've seen it before.

  • Monkey Doo: hi sweetie Monkey Doo: what was that you said Monkey Doo: that we should talk about us? Monkey See: I've got a banana stuck in my ear... Monkey Doo: what happened to cause this Monkey Doo: i asked you a question Monkey See: well, I was getting a bit frisky, playing with it Monkey Doo: why won't you tell me Monkey Doo: i bet it's because i never go out huh? Monkey Doo: you hate that i'm lazy Monkey See: it started with a ripe green banana Monkey Doo: don't you Monkey Doo: well then Monkey See: yeah, you never tease me with your banana anymore! Monkey Doo: i don't deserve being treated like this Monkey Doo: hm? Monkey See: I'm tired of baby bananas Monkey See: give me plantains! Monkey Doo: still, i thought you loved me Monkey Doo: go to hell Monkey Doo: no way Monkey Doo: go to hell Monkey Doo: what are you talking about? Monkey See: fuck off and die Monkey Doo: well Monkey Doo: don't you love me? Monkey Doo: i don't know what you want anymore Monkey See: hell no Monkey Doo: you really do despise me Monkey See: i despise your hairy chest Monkey Doo: could you help me with this situation Monkey See: i'm out of here Monkey Doo: look, i'm really sorry Monkey Doo: i can change! Monkey See: a big silver back is calling my name! Monkey See: mata ne! Monkey Doo: i'm sorry Monkey See: choke on gorilla dung ok, that was a waste of 15 minutes
  • I put on my robe and wizard hat...
  • George: hello sweetie! Dick: asl? George: so, what were you saying George: about problems? Dick: asl? George: are you blaming me? George: what did i do Dick: asl? George: look won't you talk to me Dick: who r u? George: whatever you're trying to do right now George: won't you tell me Dick: k George: i bet it's because i annoy you George: you hate that i'm mundane George: isn't it true Dick: :-) George: how can you do this to me Dick: lol George: hmm George: i really thought you loved me Dick: lol George: but i really thought you loved me Dick: lol George: i don't deserve being treated like this Dick: roflmao
  • Dwight: how can you do that to me Muffin: um, trust me it's possible Dwight: i asked you a question Muffin: ok whoa why don't you get all bitchy on me Muffin: that'll solve everything Muffin: won't it dwight Dwight: :P
  • So, can I like, use this on my boss?
  • Thought 1: it's Eliza with bad capitalization/punctuation. Hm. Thought 2: imagine a beat behind it, and it's half the music I listen to. (roryk's log is playing as Pet Shop Boys in my head.) This is more entertaining. I'm one of the last dinosaurs on earth to run Win98, so I can only live vicariously.
  • Eliza with bad capitalization/punctuation Hmm. Funny. Reminds me of this. (just text, but possibly NSFW)