April 18, 2005

Leviathan: My life is now complete.

Perhaps the best comic strip of the last 25 years.

  • Thanks, Nicky D!
  • ? You're welcome?
  • I read that as "my wife is now complete." ♪♫ Walulaluleeeee!! ♪♫
  • Aaah, this is from the same person who has been a long-running member of the band Slapp Happy, and Faust...
  • Handsome strip, Nick. Have to come back to this later, got lost in this long lodge when he went hunting his parents. Meanwhile, I join the colloquy of canines.
  • You're welcome? Apparently it's my day to confuse people who post great threads :(
  • Or perhaps it's simply my day to be confused. Cabbages?
  • Nice find. I remember when I was a little Earth-larvae, chumming it up with Nameless Dread. He wasn't such an asshat back then.
  • Happened to come upon a stack of remaindered Leviathan books at my store and was immediately struck by the art work. Took me a while to get around to sitting down and really taking the time the strip deserves, but now that I have I'm amazed at the quiet existential beauty Blegvad conveys, and especially amazed at how he does it without saturating the strip with pretension. Glad to see you guys like it too.
  • "Intolerant? Take Empatheen! It's the moral imperative!" Love that. Great strip. Thanks, Nicky D.
  • Hey, this is good!
  • I've just discovered these. They are really great