April 18, 2005

Curious George: Web Page mark up program I just read an article (but forgot where I read it...) about programs that enable you to take a copy of a web page, mark it up with your comments and forward it on to someone. Any monkey's know what's best in this area? (I'm a mac OS X user) Thanks for the help!
  • More details please.
  • I'll try and be clearer. The article spoke about some software/shareware that allowed you to effectively take a screeen shot of a web page, then add your notations to it. For instance; circle a section, add some notes to it (ie; "this headline is too small") and be able to take the screen shot of the site *with* your notes on it and forward it to someone else (ie; let's say an art director in this case) so he/she can see the site with your comments on it. Hope this makes sense.
  • Most any graphics program will allow you to annotate a screenshot. Something that is made especially for doing that is a program called Snagit.
  • Another option would be to print to a pdf file, then import the file into a graphics program that can rasterize pdf files such as photoshop or graphic converter. Even better, you could use acrobat to annotate the printed pdf.
  • pman, Perhaps you're looking for Graffiti the Web? Desktastic by Panic Software, is pretty cool and might work too.
  • adobe acrobat allows direct capture of web pages and supports annotations. pages sent for review from the professional version 7.0 allow annotations by users of the free acrobat reader software. there was a product a number of years back called "third voice", which was a server-based annotation system for web pages/sites. not sure what's happened to it.
  • WTF kind of question is this? Just get some white-out, write your comments on your monitor and mail it to whoever. MORANS.
  • Actually, that is morons. Unless, of course, you meant to refer to tugs and barges in a disparaging manner.
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  • Thnx for the helpful suggestions. One of them will work I'm sure. Not sure how/why it's a moronic question (or moranic as the case may be) as has been suggested....just needed some help and wasn't sure where to get it.....I'll put it down to Grumpy Monday....
  • Not sure how/why it's a moronic question Its not a moronic question, pman78, it's a perfectly valid question. I was being completely facetious. I thought that the blatant stupidity of my comment (including misspelling) was a giveaway - but I apologize if any offence was caused: that's certainly not my program, mate.
  • No, no no! Not a mauranic question at all. You need to read between the lines here and apply white-out to the parts that don't apply.
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  • sorry Q--- new to all this...no offence taken....my misunderstanding....now, how do i get all this damn white out off my monitor ??? ;-)
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