April 08, 2005

Finally it looks as if Yahoo is beginning to make the right kinds of noises.
  • What are the chances that, later on, Yahoo might apply some pressure for ads & banners? I run a large phpBB board, and a year ago we allowed someone to host it but had to back out after a few months as it put us in an awkward position.
  • The article states that Yahoo "does not expect Wikimedia to host advertisements in return for this support." That's a good sign. According to the wiki, Yahoo has been a corporate supporter for a while.
  • Yeah, I dunno. I don't trust Yahoo anymore than I trust AOL and MicroShlub..
  • I thought google would jump all over it. Can't believe yahoo beat them to it.
  • Yahoo/Google is the new MS/Apple.
  • I'm glad that Wikimedia is getting all this outside support. Wikipedia is easily the best thing to arise out of the internets in a long time.
  • I still think the internets as a whole is more or less amazing. Tim Berners-Lee dreamt up this shit very recently. It's new new new. We are living in a revolution. Don't be jaded, fuyugare! [This has nothing to do with the FPP. Sorry. Am slapping my own ear here.]