April 05, 2005

Curious, George: Wirelessly connecting a Mac and PC Help my PowerBook and ThinkPad to become friends.

I have a PowerBook G4 with an Airport card, but no Airport base station. Work has recently given me an IBM ThinkPad to love and to cherish. Is there any way for me to connect the two together using the Mac to create a wireless network? This only came to mind when I noticed that under the Airport menu, there is a 'create wireless network' option. But while the PC was happy to find it, I couldn't persuade it to connect. Obviously, I don't know much about networking, so any information, general or otherwise, is welcome! Thanks in advance you krazy kids.

  • In your Pbooks network preferences enable appletalk. I know there is no reason why to do this with connecting to a pc, but it solved a similar problem for me. You also should enable windows filesharing in your sharing preferences.
  • Be sure to enable file sharing on the mac as well. You'll also need to indicate which folders/files you would like to share (on the mac, select the folder and go to "get info" under the file menu at the top of your screen, there should be a "sharing" choice there (looks different for different versions of the os)). You'll probably have to do the same for folders on the PC, but you'll need a pc type to tell you how to do that, I don't have a clue! Once you've made these kind of changes, sometimes a restart is necessary... like chicken soup...can't hurt..
  • on the mac, you also need to tell it the name of the workgroup that the peecee is on. you do this in applications->utilities->directory access under the smb settings. (smb is short for samba, which is of course, windows networking protocol) good luck trying this if the XP install isn't the full "professional" or whatever they call it. in my old house, it was my mac, an XP pro roommate, and an XP consumer roommate. the XP pro worked ok, the other one couldn't ever find my mac, but i could get to it...
  • First, buy a $30-50 router. It gets much easier with a wireless router. Second MacWindows: the Web Site for Macintosh-Windows Integration
  • Great, thanks guys! Will try again once I'm released from the day job.
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