January 31, 2004

George Bush & the Pretty Faces President Bush had an interesting encounter with Scott Reid. Who works for Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. The President chuckled.
  • So he appreciates male beauty. Or they're about to get some Deliverance style action.
  • Can't... Resist.... W. is giving all of us "Deliverance style action". Some of us just squeal like a pig better than others.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, my lunp in the bed how I've missed you. [Attributed to George Bush by wife Laura] I'm waiting -- waiting breathlessly -- for further reveations of the aesthetic sensibility of Mr. Bush.
  • Oop-poo! *sigh* "revelations" and not "reveations" was my intent.
  • The secret shame of the Right: GWB's enthusiastic overuse of the word "fabulous" (it may be a parody site, but all links go to official White House transcripts).