March 30, 2005

Transparent Screens. Some of these are very well done...
  • Snazzy. It must take a while to set some of these up...
  • these are eeeeeeerie. with accent on the eeeeeee.
  • Another one like stepself pointed out...very cool, but also a lot of time spent. The one thing most of these are missing is the proper lighting, otherwise, they would be perfect. If my monitor didn't weigh 203982938lbs (and my back hadn't 'sploded) I'd do one of these myself...
  • Some of those just have to be photoshopped. They're far too perfect.
  • Umm, I don't think any of these are real. Technology's new take on "Trompe L'Oeil" perhaps...
  • scratch that I mis-read your post mct. Aaah, the illusion is far too perfect... yes, I agree, some do look to be photoshopped.
  • Too bad I don't have a digital camera... 'cept I'd paint my walls to match my current desktop... sneaky, huh?
  • It'd be neat to hook up a webcam so you can turn your monitor and have the background follow along.
  • Just for a second I thought they were real. I want one anyway!!!
  • I actually tried doing this with my desktop image a while ago and was sadly unsuccessful. To get the perspective just right from the photo is the tricky part; I found that the camera lens can’t capture the image beyond exactly as your eyes perceive it and it just looked like a crappy uninteresting photo. If these are not photoshopped I want to know how the heck they did it.
  • You have to use a focal length that approximates the same field of view as the human eye. For 35mm film cameras, it's about 50mm...I'm not sure what it is for digital cameras. A little experimentation should be all it takes to pull this off without photoshop trickery. Of course, I've never tried it.
  • Not really a transparent screen, but this is my wallpaper at work.
  • Koko, is that the actual .jpg you are using, or is that a picture of you using the .jpg that wallpaper is? I'm finding this question very difficult to word
  • Oh sorry ... if you still care, the image you see the actual .jpg I use as my wallpaper.