January 31, 2004

What do young kids think of classic rock? The easy way to find out is to take some young kids, have them review some classic rock standards and solicit their comments (with echoes of Radiohead rorschach test). Amusing.
  • >>Benjamin: I'd give this a trillion out of a billion. ha! that is a scream.
  • Very funny. Thank you.
  • Brilliant, this is just brilliant. What they should really do is play these to under 1 year old infants and see how long they stay interested. But was a good promo for the movie, definitely. :)
  • I like to think I'm hip, but who the heck is "Busted"? I looked them up at Amazon and Amazon uk but I oculdn't find any sound clips.
  • I think the kids made "Busted" up to confuse us. Never trust anyone over 10!
  • Busted are a shit boyband, who play their own guitars. They are bloody appalling, even by rubbish boyband standards.
  • Here's there homepage. [via goggle] (honestly! I had never heard of them before either!)
  • If you really really really want to listen to Busted, their official website with sound and video clips is here, but after having listened to the first clip, I think dng's right on the "bloody appalling" count. Taken from their hit single "What I Go To School For," it includes the tail end of this choice lyric:
    I fight my way to front of class
    To get the best view of her ass
    I drop a pencil on the floor
    She bends down and shows me more
    That's what I go to school for...
    "Stacy's Mom" for the UK, maybe? (Offtopic: why do the <br> tags cause a blank line between lines here?)
  • Heh. stripe wins. Sorry about that.
  • Busted are crap (but, fair enough, but they aren't really aimed at people who are older than the young teen market I guess). For example I've been to the Year 3000, not much has changed but they lived under water, and your great great great grand daughter, is pretty fine (is pretty fine) Don't have a good handle on math either. That's what, 6 generations spanning 1000 years? If 6 generations can span 1000 years then I'd say more has changed that simply having people live underwater.
  • it's way rad that they all liked "smells like teen spirit". See, after my generation they mostly stopped trying when it comes to rock that your average fifth grader can dig. /never heard of busted either.
  • The only song these kids listened to all the way through was Smells Like Teen Spirit. Smart kids. Kurt Cobain - what a sad waste.
  • Let's go back to 1991 Smells Like Teen Spirit - MP3
  • I know I'm going to loose all the music-cred I never had, but that Busted song was kindof catchy - I can see why it was a hit. More pop than rock, and very inane, but come on - the lyrics aren't actually as inane as "Smells like Teen Spirit". I don't know how any of their stuff would hold up to being played over and over again, but since I don't own a radio, I don't have to worry about that.
  • I guess I'm a north London six-year-old. Though I will confess to a lingering affection for Zep and the wailing banshee of the Immigrant Song (I, for one, welcome our Viking kitten overlords), I'd otherwise like all the classic rrawwkkkk to crawl back into the crypt where it belongs. Eternal airwave saturation on the endless baby-boomer radio stations that span North America has spoiled any appreciation I might have (or once have had) for it. It's like the Brandenburg Concerti at Christmas, except all year around for my entire life. Sophie is right on about Dylan: "He sounds like he's just smelled something really bad, like cat poo." Ditto my namesake Benjamin: "It's like mouldy old bread." They give me hope for the future. And now we return you to another 666 Pink Floyd songs in a row.
  • You just insulted Pink Floyd. You take that back. Or Monkeyfilter could turn very nasty.
  • I'm with Goetter on the Floyd thing. And is there anything sadder than the Floyd geeks who have to collect boots of every live show? Because the shows are all the same. Same players, same set list, same click track, same contempt for the audience, same tired old automatisms.
  • The first(?) Monkey fight is going to be over bloody Pink Floyd? Dear god... Maybe we should resolve all our disagreements with this.
  • Pink Floyd ain't classic rock. They are umm, programmed psychedelic rock.
  • Busted totally rule. No, really, I hate boybands, I hate pretend punk - but they're top pop. For real. Pink Floyd are poo-headed dadrock. come on, bring the pain... ('are you drunk', they ask? 'perhaps', i respond. 'okay, probably'. woohoo. i can now no longer listen to hot hot heat's 'bandages' without hearing "band of jizz! band of jizz, on my arms and legs! band of jizz band of jizz band of ji-i-izz!". excellent. franz ferdinand are the love of my life.) funny post, btw. now listening to smells like teen spirit and the avalanches remix of i'm a cuckoo in strict rotation. it's a party, and i like it. small kids called ben or benjamin seem to have the best musical taste.
  • Right now, in the pop world you know it's all about Junior Senior (links to a RealOne file of the DFA remix of Shake Your Coconuts)
  • Heh. I saw that too, Scott. Nice. I admit, I didn't mind the "What I Go to School For" song the one and only time I heard it.
  • Fifth Graders review music. Pretty similar to the Guardian article. MA: Felipe, do you like it? Felipe: Oooooh! Oooooooh! Alejandro: He's pretending to be monkeys. And monkeys can't talk! MA: Ok. Monkey, can you tell me in monkey language if you like it? Felipe: Ooooh! Oooooh! (high, squeaky voice) I don't like it! I like to climb a tree!
  • MonkeyFilter: it's only dirty if they say the word "booty."
  • goetter, we only have one (and a half) of those stations here in Seattle, so how many up in your part of town? I'll admit that the local one here does have quite an affinity for Floyd, but I just change the station. I mean, I do have a few Floyd cd's around, but I don't live for them like they might want us to believe. Otherwise, it just comes down to money, as you would expect. Those freaky boomers are a known group, and selling to them is far too easy because advertisers know all about them. I am a few years shy of being in "that group" but still really enjoy some of the music from when I was growing up. And that's what it's all about for me, anyway. Led Zeppelin has had a resurgence for me because as I get older I have more respect for the Blues. Listening to Zeppelin exercise Blues forms is pretty cool considering I had no idea I would ever like it at my age. Life does roll around and come back at ya sometimes.
  • So goetter's back, then?
  • Haven't seen him in a long while.
  • Alas. *brightens* But fuyugare's back!