March 25, 2005

1) Choose Life. 2) Add To Cart. The ad oddly describes the Save Terri Schiavo Teddy Bear ($18.99) as a "cutie" that will "put a smile on someone's face." Too perky? You might prefer a tote bag, t-shirt, mug or throw pillow ($14.99 and up). Or Terri as Joan Of Arc Cufflinks ($9.95). Or...

...a Euthanasia term paper citing the Schiavo case in its sales pitch. ($69.95). Or a Save Terri Schiavo Italian Charm ($5.99). Or an Always Err On The Side Of Life Beer Stein. Or the Terri Domain Name (Current bid: $355.00). More to come? You bet.

  • Those cufflinks..... What kind of loon would even think up that imagery?
  • I want a Terri veg-o-matic.
  • They should have included "the stinking looney left...Nazi social policies" on the teddy bear page.
  • Wow, you could buy a pillow to hold over her face!
  • And afterward you could sell the pillowcase on eBay as "The Shroud of Terri"!
  • I want to change species. Now. Man, it'd be so great being a badger, or a dolphin, or snail or lichen or something.
  • I am so sick of this controversy/situation/problem, I can barely think straight. Frankly, I'm willing to pull the plug on each and every person playing almost any aspect of this case up for any reason, from profit to a share of the limelight to just wanting the issue in general to be broadcast. Maybe we need more human sacrifices in our cultures just to rid us of the hordes of psychic vampires who are all too willing to use up more and more media space on too-specific cases while not really addressing the problems our cultures have with death, dignity and the right to self-determination, not to mention bending over backwards in order not to offend religious robots. Here's the deal: set up binding wills and living wills, and make sure you live in a land where no interference from 'well-meaning' busybodies can screw up your plans.
  • Not so sure some of those "busybodies" are so "well meaning"
  • coppermac, plenty of the busbodies you're seeing will interefere anyway. You could testify before Congress before getting an operation, describing the exxact parameters that would cause you to wish cessation of treatment. And Operation Rescue and their ilk - who, let us note, happily murder doctors they disagree with - would start looking for ways to challenge your wishes, aided by politicians who have gained power by pandering to their wishes. No lie, no action would be too vile to get them what they want. I suspect this will get worse over the coming years, not better, and I fear that it will spread from the States into the civilised world.
  • For the record....pull my plug.
  • I have only a vague idea about who this Terri-whatsis person is, and I think I'm glad. I'm inclined to agree with what coppermac said.
  • It would be wrong of me to point out that the auction for might last longer than Terri herself, right? Right?
  • No, juan, linking to this is wrong. [NSFW, may be considered grossly offensive. Don't say I didn't warn you.]
  • A 404! What kind of sicko are you?
  • Don't get caught out, monkeys! Cover your butts.
  • Rodgered: oooooh, that's is sooooo bad. You're going straight to hell. Can I come? Goofy, were you in a hurry, or are you corn-fused about how to create links?
  • Don't forget this T-Shirt. Just sayin'.
  • Just not being elegant about it. Sorry. Also, a 80 lb puppy has been trying to climb on my head since 8:30. It's distracting.
  • Clearly the hosting provider thought it was too awful to keep up, Navek. You can always find it in the cache.
  • Whoa, rodgerd. It's a good thing Terri is insensate, because if she were able to read that, she's be cursed with the mental image of Tom and Jeb cuddling naked for the rest of her miserable life. Much as I now am. *shudder*
  • Yeah whats with the cheers woman? As for Terry, shes still in there, I can see it. My mother works with handicapped children, it takes some experiance to see. Never the less, compassion is a white elephant, and I've seen many familys fall apart because of it. I'm glad the judges have the courage to stick to their guns though. Whos talking what now?
  • Next week, 24-hour live coverage on Fox of a controversial turnip! Thrill as the controversial turnip re-enacts the Jacko trial! Gasp as the controversial turnip bumrapes Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns! Squawk as the controversial turnip questions the wisdom of making The Santa Clause 3!
  • FUCK! That would have to happen during TV turn off week.
  • is this a trainspottinng reference? Choose life, choose a feeding tube
  • MMmmmmm.... mushy peas 24 7!
  • Up your nose with a rubber hose feeding tube ach, ya'll are too young to remember that *gums dentures, shakes cane, leaves
  • And yet, I couldn't give these away. Where is the Left's love of tacky capitalism? Bah!
  • Do you see it? Don't move untill you see it. Do you see it? Don't move untill you see it. It's a bird eyes view, but I think this is like that Stephen King movie "Misery". As for me, I'm going to have DNR Tatooed on my chest. My Imaginations not good enough to be couped up in my own brain for that long.
  • *bites clean through tongue*
  • Where is the Left's love of tacky capitalism? "Bush is dumb" flash cartoon: $0 platitudes about "they're both rich white men": $0 "caption this picture of Bush doing something slightly silly" contest: $0 Uselessly watching your country go to shit while kidding yourself you're doing something to help: priceless
  • Oh Christ, faith and begor', haahahaha uhhhhhh.... Eh, what 'er yah gonna do? Stephen Hawkins, he can move just two fingers, and has the world record now for book deals. He's been fighting the good fight for years. But it's not worth it. The parents need a vacation.
  • Stephen Hawkins, he can move just two fingers, and has the world record now for book deals.
    Yes, but then the bits of his brain that control his higher faculties haven't liquified.
  • Well that's my two cents, Euthanasia should be legalized. For handicapped children as well I believe. It's interesting that we north Americans are more humane towards animals than our own species. We should consider the lives of the families that are ruined. The extra stress, the higher divorce rates, the tears night after night. The lives of the siblings that are ruined.