January 30, 2004

So, you've got yourself a Cockmonkey - now what? Congratulations! You've chosen a pet that will give you years of fun and pleasure if properly cared for and maintained. Good for you!

My apologies if someone posted this already. I did a search and didn't find anything. Happy Friday!

  • Kimberly, you evil little ass-biting Cockmonkey!! actually any URL beginning with "goatblower" is definitely friday-worthy - nice find ;)
  • Best goatblower. URL microphallus. Ever cockmonkey. P.S. Parent site NSFW.
  • But but does it just sit there on the top or does it move rythmically up and down?
  • and of course we all know what cock monkeys drink...
  • Ummm, does one need a "cock" to fully understand this "monkey"?
  • boxing cock monkey?
  • P.S. Parent site NSFW. Whoa!
  • I just... Wow. Just.... yeah. Best URL Evah!
  • And. To. Think. I. Thought. You. Were. A. Nice. Person... :-) MonkeyFilter: does one need a "cock" to fully understand this?
  • Hmmmm, is this link FUBARed?
  • Darn! It now redirects to some porn site. Oh well, here's the cache. Bye bye cockmonkey.