January 30, 2004

Your Search for the Perfect Animated GIF is over
Some of my favorites:
Paper airplane, the always-useful "under construction", a Kilroy-style Homer, the self-referential "animation", and our favorite insulation shill playing sax. This is a world where everything is new new new.
  • juggy!!!! thank you SO much!!! i didn't know that site existed and i'm always looking for cute gifs. for, um, strictly business reasons of course.
  • oh my. now me and cubiclemate mary here in le podde tropicale are getting NO work done... massive gifness is ensuing!
  • juggernautco, as someone who has had to stare at more animated GIFs than is humanely acceptable, I curse you!! Animated GIFs should be abolished. /cranky web host rant.
  • animated .gif files cause cancer. thought you should know.
  • Yeah, maybe this would be better kept under wraps, don't you think?
  • I'm with the 'Slut: I spent a lowselfesteem weekend with a gif once and i'm STILL pissing blood. Die, gif,die!
  • Aw, c'mon. Don't you just get all happy inside when you look at a webpage that is moving? Besides, what would Helen say?
  • Oops. I just wanted a page to illustrate copious use of animated gifs. I did not read Helen's website whatsoever until I posted the comment and realized that she talks about some pretty significant health issues that she has. No harm or personal ridicule intended.
  • This animated gif shows just what I want to do to people with animated gifs on their sites or as their forum avatars (which now includes me). *commits seppuku* (probably not suitable for work)
  • When gifs attack...(via blort)
  • people, people!!! think of all the little gifs out there, wiggling for your amusement. for shame that you are unappreciative of all their work!
  • Surely this has to be the Best. GIF. Ever. Who's with me?
  • I'm with you gooddoggy. Everybody who agrees, dance.