January 30, 2004

Leisure Town: Though the original is down, someone was kind enough to mirror it. Get it while it lasts.
  • I am entranced. What is this place? I can't believe this article is really 90 pages long.
  • I wasn't sure if this was old hat. Glad that it suprised at least one person.
  • Heh. So I'm outta the loop. All new to me, and I'm digging it with a steamshovel. 48 Pop-Tarts!
  • what the.... amazing!!!!! CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP!!!! (standing ovation!) yowsa.
  • I lurves me some Leisure Town. Best described as modern existential despair acted out by bendie photo phunnies. I was a big fan and was just looking for this yesterday. Couldn't find a mirror. Thanks.